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Fullstack Web Developer (PHP + JavaScript)

Mid-level (2-4 years experience)
Key experience: HTML5
Working Šilalė, Lithuania 1500 €/month

Personal Statement

Fullstack Web Developer mostly working on e-commerce projects.

Available for REMOTE work only.


A journalist once asked Carl Gustav Jung: "Do you believe God exists? A famous psychologist answered: "I don't need to believe. I know.". Not that I want to play a religion card on you... Just an example of how I feel when someone asks me if I believe I'm the right candidate for the job.

I don't need to believe. I know I'm the right candidate.

I know that work I'm doing since 2016/2017 brings value to my clients and solves their business issues. My skills as a developer are always up to date thanks to daily reading habbits.

Did you know that: "In 1920, the average half-life of knowledge in engineering was 35 years. In 1960, it was reduced to 10 years. In 1991, it was estimated that an engineering skill is half-obsolete in 5 years. Nowadays, “IT professional would have to spend roughly 10 h a week studying new knowledge to stay current (or upskilling, in the current lingo)”" (Modern Mathematics Education for Engineering Curricula in Europe, p17)

You can trust me on Wordpress, Woocommerce, Opencart 3 and Prestashop tasks. General Linux server maintenance and business process automation, building modern PHP7, JavaScript apps.

I enjoy all kinds of migration challenges and legacy code upgrades.

See for code samples:

Skill Stack

MySQL 2-3 years
HTML5 3-4 years
CSS3 2-3 years
Bootstrap 2-3 years
SASS 1-2 years
JavaScript 2-3 years
PHP 2-3 years
Data Migration 2-3 years
Front End Development 2-3 years
Software Development 2-3 years
Back-end development 2-3 years
Visual Studio 2-3 years
Open Cart 2-3 years
WordPress 1-2 years
Twig 1-2 years
PrestaShop 1-2 years
Debian 1-2 years
JQuery 2-3 years
Node.JS 1-2 years
Developer 3-4 years
Full-stack developer 2-3 years
eCommerce 2-3 years
App Development 2-3 years
Fullstack Web Developer (PHP + JavaScript)

Fullstack Web Developer (PHP + JavaScript)

71% response rate

Sector Background
Advertising, Production, E-Commerce, Retail

Remotely only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 15 €/h,
Full time position: 1500 €/month
Current status
(Updated: 5 months ago)

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