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Senior Java Developer

Expert (+10 years experience)
Key experience: J2EE | MySQL | Jenkins | Java
Open to Discuss Kaunas, Lithuania 3500 €/month

Personal Statement

Passionate about software development.

Passionate about solving problems with simple solutions.

Driving from idea to production with fully aligned development processes (Agile, Team, CI/CD, Infrastructure, QA).

Master in Computer Science.

> 10 years experience of building enterprise applications.

Constantly improving skills in Software Craftsmanship

Key experience:

‣ Developing Java Enterprise Software in Agile environment

Technologies: Java Enterprise Edition

‣ Backend: Spring, Hibernate, JDBC, JPA, REST, SQL...

‣ Testing: TDD, JUnit, Cucumber, JMeter, Cypress...

‣ CI/CD: Jenkins, CircleCI, Wercker, Bamboo...

‣ DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, Informix, MongoDB, ElasticSearch

‣ Development tools: IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse, NetBeans, Maven, Ansible, Git

‣ Server Side: Tomcat, JBoss, SpringBoot...

‣ Network: TCP, HTTP, tcpdump, WireShark, SSL

‣ Admin: Bash, Linux, MacOS, Unix, Windows

‣ Cloud: AWS, OCI, OpenStack, Docker, Containers, Kubernetes

‣ Team: Agile, Scrum, AgilePM®, Management 3.0

‣ Communities: Active local JUG member

Specialties: JEE,

Software Engineering,

Computer Networking,



Skill Stack

J2EE +6 years
Maven 5-6 years
JSF 5-6 years
JSP 5-6 years
Spring 5-6 years
Hibernate 5-6 years
JDBC 5-6 years
Servlets 5-6 years
Spring MVC 5-6 years
LOG4J 2-3 years
SLF4J 2-3 years
PrimeFaces 1-2 years
EJB 1-2 years
Apache CXF 1-2 years
Mail API 0-1 year
MySQL +6 years
SQL 5-6 years
PostgreSQL 3-4 years
Oracle DB 3-4 years
SQLite 0-1 year
Java +6 years
SQL 5-6 years
Bash 5-6 years
JavaScript 4-5 years
PHP 2-3 years
RESTful 5-6 years
MVC 5-6 years
CI (Continuous Integration) 5-6 years
OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) 5-6 years
Sprint 5-6 years
Scrum 4-5 years
Agile 4-5 years
TDD (Test-Driven Development) 3-4 years
TomCat 5-6 years
JBoss 4-5 years
MuleSoft 1-2 years
Jetty 0-1 year
ElasticSearch 0-1 year
REST 4-5 years
Amazon Web Services 0-1 year
JUnit 3-4 years
Debian 5-6 years
Linux 5-6 years
Ubuntu 5-6 years
GNU 5-6 years
Scripting 5-6 years
Linux/Unix Admin 5-6 years
Red Hat 3-4 years
Jenkins +6 years
Jira 4-5 years
Ant 3-4 years
Eclipse 3-4 years
IntelliJ IDEA 2-3 years
NetBeans 2-3 years
Git 1-2 years
Sonar 1-2 years
Ansible 1-2 years
LiquiBase 0-1 year
DevOps 5-6 years
Support of Systems 3-4 years
Team Leading 2-3 years
Backbone.JS 0-1 year
Angular.js 0-1 year
Senior Java Developer

Senior Java Developer

Sector Background
Telecommunication, Public Sector, Technology Startup

Remotely only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 43 €/h,
Full time position: 3500 €/month
Current status
Open to Discuss
(Updated: 7 months ago)

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