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Infrastructure Engineer, Cloud Operations Engineer

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Didžiausia patirtis Windows Servers | Windows Install & Support | Linux Servers | Linux Install & Support | Red Hat | Linux | Scripting | Linux/Unix Admin
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My name is Vilius and I am 27 years old. I have Bachelor's degree in informatics and I have always been close with IT as it is very interesting to me. I am currently working in DevOps Team and my responsibilities are keeping QA\DEV Infrastructure running and creating improvements for maintenance or making QA team life easier. Some jobs/scripts are written and stored in Jenkins others are in my notes as I constantly trying to automate all my recurrent tasks. In current role I am working in different areas such as Networking, Storage and Physical servers – everything what makes infrastructure to be alive and resources are used efficiently. Mostly I am writing Powershell and bash scripts for deploying vCenters, Linux, Windows VM’s, setting up VMware vCenters and configuring them accordingly to given requirements.

Working as an Application Delivery Engineer in Call Credit Group company I was working with different projects and I had to assist in delivering the product with DevOps tasks. Before I was working as Platform Build Engineer in Barclays IT center in Lithuania, Vilnius. Infrastructure and servers have always been my passion, I like to develop and maintain IT infrastructure, troubleshoot and learn more about technologies and usage in our environment. I am eager to learn more and I think I am on a good road now(I mean my each next step is going deeper in IT infrastructure architecture and servers, I am constantly expanding my knowledge tree).
I have small amount of experience running queries on Teradata, working with MySQL in University. Oracle and SQL Database installation on servers, pre-configuration
before Primary DBA. Setting up TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) on servers, configuring routes depending on server location. Powershell and Bash scripts to automate some daily tasks and deployments. Working with CISCO switches, troubleshooting in networking layer (server or switch side).

My English verbal and written skills are good, I have basics in Italian language as well.

Patirtis ir Įgūdžiai

Red Hat 3-4 metai
Linux 3-4 metai
Scripting 3-4 metai
Linux/Unix Admin 3-4 metai
Shell Scripting 2-3 metai
Ubuntu iki metų
Kernel iki metų
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 2-3 metai
Bash 1-2 metai
Windows Servers 3-4 metai
Windows Install & Support 3-4 metai
Linux Servers 3-4 metai
Linux Install & Support 3-4 metai
Active Directory 2-3 metai
Virtualization 2-3 metai
VMWare 2-3 metai
LDAP 1-2 metai
Network Protocols 1-2 metai
Hardware Assembling 1-2 metai
Firewalls 1-2 metai
Load Balancing 1-2 metai
Network Security 1-2 metai
Cisco 1-2 metai
Data Storage & Backups 1-2 metai
Storage Area Networks (SAN) 1-2 metai
Routers 1-2 metai
OpenStack iki metų
HyperV iki metų
VirtualBox iki metų
Linux Security iki metų
LAN/WAN iki metų
Scrum 1-2 metai
PowerShell 1-2 metai
Infrastructure Architecture 1-2 metai
Application Architecture 1-2 metai
DevOps 1-2 metai
System Architecture 1-2 metai
Enterprise Architecture 1-2 metai
Network Architecture 1-2 metai
Mongo DB iki metų
MySQL iki metų
NoSQL iki metų
MSSQL iki metų
PostgreSQL iki metų
JSon iki metų
Nginx iki metų
HTML iki metų
REST iki metų
ElasticSearch iki metų
RabbitMQ iki metų
Confluence 2-3 metai
Jenkins 1-2 metai
Puppet 1-2 metai
Git iki metų
Jira iki metų
IT Įmonė 5-6 metai
Inžinierius(-ė) 3-4 metai
IT Analyst 2-3 metai
Asistentas(-ė) 1-2 metai
Database Administrator (DBA) iki metų
Lietuvių Gimtoji
Anglų Proficient Business Level (C1/C2)
Nauja Vieta ir Kelionės + + +
Neįveikiama Komanda + + +
Įkvepiantys Vadovai + + +
HIGH-TECH darbo priemonės + + +
Culture of Experiments + +
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Vidurinė mokykla Gautas diplomas
Bakalauras IT srityje Gautas diplomas
Infrastructure Engineer, Cloud Operations Engineer

Infrastructure Engineer, Cloud Operations Engineer

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IT Įmonė

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