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IT architect, cloud services development

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I work in IT sector for 20+ years and have extensive knowledge in the field of business and technical area.

My main experience on business side is in projects’ and products’ management, where I worked as project manager in various IT infrastructure projects, led project management team and was working as cloud services development lead while launching new business line in the company. I hold active PMP certification for 6 years and I‘am a member of Lithuania marketing association. My perfect understanding of project management processes (PMP) and IT services management (ITIL) let me to reach high quality results assuring timely delivery. In my daily work I actively use systems thinking methods and software (ISEE Systems "iThink"), and I have perfect data analysis skills (MS Excel, Pandas package).

I have good grip on technical side of things and can ask important questions to steer teams into right direction. I started my career as computer networks engineer, went through many certifications and projects and was working for few years as network systems architect. My main expertise in technical area are computer networks and protocols, LINUX/FreeBSD environments, security solutions. Recent technical addition to my knowledge is cloud technologies (Amazon AWS, MS Azure, OpenStack), virtualization (Hyper-V, VMWare), object storage (OpenStack SWIFT), backup technologies (VEEAM). I also have solid understanding about storage systems (HP 3PAR), Microsoft environments and server systems (HP).

As a person I am always highly motivated to reach high quality results assuring timely delivery. My work experience, communication skills and interpersonal savvy lets me to assure effective management of different teams.

I think I can perfectly fit in positions where it is necessary to manage both business and technical side of things, have solid communications skills and ability to analyze and present data.

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TCP/IP virš 6 metų
PMP Certification virš 6 metų
IT-Architecture virš 6 metų
Network design virš 6 metų
Enterprise Architecture virš 6 metų
Infrastructure Architecture virš 6 metų
Stakeholders Management virš 6 metų
Infrastructure virš 6 metų
Network Architecture virš 6 metų
IT Service Management virš 6 metų
Solution Architecture virš 6 metų
Cloud computing 5-6 metai
Data Analysis 3-4 metai
VMWare virš 6 metų
Virtualization virš 6 metų
Network Protocols virš 6 metų
Data Storage & Backups virš 6 metų
Cisco virš 6 metų
Routers virš 6 metų
Storage Area Networks (SAN) 4-5 metai
HyperV 4-5 metai
OpenStack 3-4 metai
Python 4-5 metai
ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) 3-4 metai
Confluence 2-3 metai
Git 2-3 metai
Embedded C 1-2 metai
Komandos Lyderis(-ė) virš 6 metų
Architektas(-ė) virš 6 metų
IT Architect 5-6 metai
Inžinierius(-ė) 5-6 metai
Product Owner 5-6 metai
Projektų Vadovas(-ė) 4-5 metai
IT Įmonė virš 6 metų
Bankas ir Finansai 3-4 metai
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Anglų Proficient Business Level (C1/C2)
IT architect, cloud services development

IT architect, cloud services development

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IT Įmonė

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