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Mid-Senior Level Java EE Developer

Exchange4free Ltd
Esminiai įgūdžiai: MySQL | EJB | SOAP | Agile | Java EE | XML


We are a financial technology provider that is currently looking to expand our Java middleware and web tier development capabilities. We have at any given time multiple projects requiring highly motivated full stack developers for commercial and internal product software engineering. Our projects leverage cloud analytics, cloud automation and other modern technologies to ensure aggressive, skilled software developers are able to deliver high quality systems at the speed of operations.

As a java developer you will be:

 Responsible for designing and developing enhancements to our existing financial trading platform.

 Responsible for delivering small to medium scale projects successfully to production on schedule in collaboration with both in-house and outsourced IT and business teams.

 Assisting in evaluating new technology, developing proof-of-concept projects to evaluate technical soundness of proposals for architectural enhancements and support the delivery of these new technologies.

 Assist in troubleshooting issues related to application performance, issues with connectivity/latency of interfaces to internal and external systems.


 Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science/Information Systems and information systems experience;


 2 plus years of hands-on experience in the design, development, testing and support of Java and specifically Java EE applications including technologies such as JMS and SOAP.

 Hands-on development experience with XML parsing methodologies

 Good experience within the Software Development Life-Cycle

 Experience with Agile Software Development methodologies

 Ability to Plan and Meet milestones

 Ability to work independently

Please note that this is a fast paced position with company driven by our entrepreneurial culture within the financial technology space. We offer a varied and market related package that can be customised based on the experience and qualifications of the applicant

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Mid-Senior Level Java EE Developer

Mid-Senior Level Java EE Developer

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