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SaaS Software Product Analyst (AI)

Esminiai įgūdžiai: SaaS (Software as a Service)


Today, many operational decisions in companies are still based on human judgement, while there is a big push to become data-driven. The early AI-adopters have experimented with pure-play Artificial Intelligence to support decision taking. Unfortunately, this seems to be not that easy as 85% of these AI-projects failed to deliver. Important reasons are that the project didn’t start from the business goal but from the data, that lots of business expertise was not represented in the data used to train the AI models, that there was a lack of human validation in the loop to take the final decision, there was insufficient support by the business due to a lack of transparency & business validation and finally many AI solutions didn’t leave the ‘lab’ as it proved too hard to scale from prototype to a real production implementation. Summarized, pure AI to drive business decisions is insufficient and companies are confronted with three main challenges to make AI projects successful. The first one is the Alignment between business, (AI) analysts and IT (Devops). The second one is the need to bring Human & AI together to make better decisions. The third one is the need to manage Wisdom as a company asset, to turn feedback and knowledge scattered throughout the organisation into reusable and manageable assets to improve the decision taking.

Our Decision Intelligence platform brings an answer to these three main challenges and is complementary to the major AI technology platforms like Microsoft, Google and Amazon. We help international companies to onboard our ‘Buddies’ (Decision Intelligence Apps build on top of our Platform) as their first AI + Human platform. This will offer them strategic advantages towards their competitors.

We are looking to expand our team with people who love:

  • a startup mentality
  • big autonomy and responsibility
  • to work with a team of experts
  • join our pioneer role in the space of AI+Human (decision Intelligence)

Day in the life...

As a SaaS Software Product Analyst you will act as the bridge between engineering and the customer:

  • Perform the functional analysis by defining and documenting the functional design as coordinated by the Product Owner;
  • Define acceptance criteria and support acceptance tests in close cooperation with QA;
  • Adapt the user documentation;
  • Participate in product meetings, contribute insights and ideas that help translate business needs into specifications/solutions;
  • Work closely with the product owners and software engineering team in an Agile environment;
  • Apply procedures and processes effectively;
  • Perform requirements gathering through interaction with the product management and the customer;
  • We work in an agile manner. During the daily scrum meeting (remote using MS Teams or at the office) we discuss any blocking issues with your team members location in Europe;
  • After a sprint period, we take time for feedback and learn how we can improve as a team and as an individual;
  • You can plan your work flexible, however we deliver our SaaS solution as a team;
  • You can rely on the expertise of the team. You are never alone if you have a problem;
  • Whenever a major milestone is achieved, we take some time to celebrate.

Required Skills:


  • You hold a Master degree;
  • You preferably have a minimum of 3 years’ experience as business analyst, functional analyst, system analyst, software or technical analyst;
  • You have confirmed experience with software development;
  • You are familiar with concepts such as business process modelling and UML;
  • You are interested in AI and Data technology;
  • You are fluent in English spoken and written - Dutch is a plus.


  • Excellent communication and writing skills;
  • You have strong analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • You have a good eye for quality;
  • You have good interview capabilities to extract the real underlying requirements of customers;
  • You are proactive;
  • You have strong tracking, coordination and planning skills;
  • You must be able to work on multiple simultaneous tasks with limited supervision;
  • Flexible to travel but overall limited;
  • You‘re a real team player;
  • take leadership in your specific job domain;
  • be able to coach new people on the job.

Added bonuses you have...

  • you are pro-active and open to communicate potential risks or issues in any technical domain of our software products;
  • you are passionate about technology;
  • you have been working in a product development team before.

Cnext is built on an open, respectful, all-inclusive and honest culture, which we also share with our customers. We are a small team of 15 highly skilled people from different nationalities, joining from time to time in our offices in either Vilnius (LT) or Mechelen (BE).

We run our company in a professional manner without the burden of too many inefficient processes large companies tend to have.

Besides working in our software products, we also take time to share insights and knowledge within the team during our Innovation Labs and Knowledge sharing Sessions.

Off course there’s also time for some serious fun: Once a year everyone gathers during our Offsite Team event in a nice location somewhere in Europe (Barcelona, Vilnius, Athens, …) and a few times a year we enjoy team activities like a Virtual Reality Team game, or solve escape room challenges, … whatever we like ..


  • You will join a multi-disciplinary team with the best people in their field (data-scientist, data-engineer, DevOps, Azure Cloud development, sales&marketing)
  • There is only 1 boss - our customers. You are free to take initiatives, as long as they contribute to the success of our products and are in line with our company values.
  • Cnext can be your personal accelerator, as long as you are not afraid to expand your horizon, learn and improve in what you do.

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SaaS (Software as a Service) 2-3 metai
SaaS Software Product Analyst (AI)

SaaS Software Product Analyst (AI)

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Mechelen, Belgium
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€1500 - 2500/Mėn.
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