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Senior Data Engineer

Esminiai įgūdžiai: R | Python


Cnext, a company founded in Belgium, now is looking for Senior Data EngineerCnext has more than twenty years’ experience in large integration projects and helps organizations to provide a more efficient service and improve customer contacts by speeding up processes and optimizing customer interaction.

At Cnext:

  • we don't care what time you come to the office, we care about effectiveness;
  • we trust people, because we believe everyone want to deliver the best they could;
  • if you want to work remotely or from any part of the world – fine!
  • we don't care about your appearance, you don't have to wear nice clothes here, we matter more about your knowledge.
  • we just hope that you will join our team buildings in Barcelona or somewhere else in the world :)
  • we have a Holacrasy culture, which means it not a pyramid, it is a circle and everybody can tell each's opinion, and we hope it is fine for you.

Main responsibilities:

  • Data cleansing with python or r.
  • Building ETL pipelines in platforms like azure data factory. 

Main requirements:

  • Experience with python or r.
  • Familiarity with big data platforms like Spark / azure data bricks.
  • Being eager to setup Data Lakes and analytical data sets which will be consumed by data analytics/data science platforms.

Soft skills:

  • Customer oriented attitude.
  • Analytical thinking.
  • Questioning and self-learning attitude.

Company offers:

  • Opportunity to work with the latest products and technologies, and implement them for our customers straight away.
  • Team spirit is central to our way of thinking, as you’ll notice from your very first day.
  • A competitive salary.
  • Modern Office: Technopolis, J.Balčikonio str.

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Senior Data Engineer

Senior Data Engineer

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