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Software Automation Developer in Test

Esminiai įgūdžiai: JavaScript | Java


Are you interested in web and mobile automation? Are you willing to collaborate daily with QA engineers, developers, business analysts and product owners? Wealth Management IT is searching for you! You will be challenged by team, business and by inner and outer forces but you will be supported by the best professionals’ team at the same time.

You won’t be bored doing software automation activities, as you are going to work on multiple unique projects and teams.


As a software automation developer in Test:

  • You will be part of newly established test automation team
  • You will be cooperating with QA engineers, application developers, and product owners while analysing and implementing new features of test automation framework
  • You will contribute to test automation infrastructure by setting up continuous delivery based browser-device hotel
  • You will act as 1st line support when it comes to any test automation issue within WMIT


As a personality:

  • Your greatest assets are your abilities to collaborate with many different types of personalities, challenge ideas and come up with even better ones supported by your technological foundation.
  • You are a great communicator with strong social skills and you are able to work together with a diverse group of personalities and professional backgrounds - developers, testers, business analysts.
  • You are able to work autonomously in an innovative and agile organization with the mandate to move fast.


  • Good understanding of Selenium automation tool
  • Hands-on experience on automating different web browsers, iOS/Android mobile applications with Java, C# or JavaScript
  • Solid knowledge of automation frameworks such as, Appium
  • Experience with setting up Continuous Delivery flow for test automation on Jenkins and remote Grid setups
  • Knowledge of best practices of test automation such as: PageObject/BotStyle patterns, dynamic waits, element location strategies, execution reports
  • Software testing kills
  • Excellent skills in English - written and spoken

We offer:

  • An inspiring environment in a large IT organization
  • A perfect opportunity to join an international IT team with the responsibility of maintaining and supporting an innovative financial services solution
  • An extensive learnings opportunities to ensure that your skills are maintained and updated on an ongoing basis
  • Highly skilled team and career opportunities
  • Cross business career opportunities in bank

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Software Automation Developer in Test

Software Automation Developer in Test

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